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August 20th

Weekly Blog Post #2

this week has filled me with happiness. A few reasons:

I hosted a beginners class over 3 days and the students were amazing. All left with highly unique and personalised pieces of mosaic work to cherish. One student went straight out and bought some don’t doubled wheeled cutters, which shows the bug has truly got hold of her, another student grouted their piece the next afternoon, again a hugely successful piece.

Over the last two weeks I have also managed to visit three long term students houses/gardens to see work that has been completed at home after the main body of work has been created at my mosaic & glass workshops. This was good and I’ve got some good pictures to remind me.

Today was also a special birthday milestone for my husband, sausage sandwiches for breakfast, a walk down to old Leigh and some pickled octopus for me, a pint for birthday boy and cups of tea for the others. A stunning rainbow layered cake, and then later a swim at low tide, at the ray, of the crow stone at chalkwell…bbbbbrisk to say the least. A happy day spent with our small family rounded of with a tray of Suchi and watching brats by Laurel & Hardy.

I’m thinking of making a mobile suspended sculpture that will revolve in the garden with stylised faces on both sides…mosaiced, of course. Oh and I ve got a meerkat garden sculpture that I picked up for £2 at Morrisons which I d like to mosaic some sunglasses onto.

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