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Terms & Conditions

You must follow our terms and conditions whenever you use, browse, register or place an order with It is your responsibility to know what our latest terms and conditions are.

Please also read our Privacy Policy.

Use of our website

You must:

  • Only use my website for lawful reasons.

  • Have my approval if you want to buy my products for a business.

You must not use my website in a way that is against the rights of anyone else, or that stops or limits how it is enjoyed by others.

I am not to blame for any loss or damage to you for anything that you use on my website.

I own or license all of the rights on my website, which includes copyright.

You can only use, download and print my content for your own personal use or in-house business reasons. We must agree in writing before you can use my content for anything else. If you do not have our written agreement, you cannot:

  • Copy, reproduce, use or deal with any of my website content.

  • Modify or share any of my website content for any reason.

  • Reproduce, crawl or frame my website from anywhere else.


Journalists please contact if you would like use my photography or any other content on my website.

Health & safety and general guidance
  • At the class, always wear goggles supplied when cutting glass.

  • When grouting use a mask, grout is a fine powder and an irritant, do not inhale. Be aware of dust some tiles create when broken. 

  • Take care when clearing up, shards of glass are sharp on your fingers, USE A BRUSH. 

  • Please advise Nicola in advance of any relevant medical conditions, including tremors or balance issues.

  • Be aware, there are steps into and out of the studio and toilet facilities upstairs. 

It’s quite simple really – book, turn up, advise me of any health concerns and I will guide you so your aims are achievable and your day enjoyable!

Shop Products

Product descriptions

I always try to give you the most up-to-date product information but sometimes I do get it wrong. This can include:

  • Not having the right details for the product.

  • Changes in the product colour.*

  • Showing the wrong amount of stock.**


*This can be caused by differences on your computer screen or device as the actual colour of the product may be different from our website. Some product pages have colour swatches. Please use them as a guide only as they do not show the exact colour of the products.

**The amount of stock that I show on the website is a guide. I will confirm the amount of stock that I have when I confirm your order.

I may not process your order if I notice that the product information on my website is wrong when you place it.

Product pricing

Where possible I try and have the same prices online as in store however some prices do differ between online and in store. Stock may also differ between my website and stores which may continue to hold discontinued stock and my website does stock special online-only products that won’t be stocked in stores.

Product Purchasing

There is no contract between you and Mrs Mosaic Art when you place an order on my website. I will manage your order only when you have received a confirmation email from us.

Product Reviews

You will receive an invitation via email to review a product that you bought from me either in store or online. This invitation will be sent 7 days after purchase.


Order confirmation

I will send you a receipt of your order in an email. Please read and check the details carefully to make sure that they are correct.

If the details are not right, or if you need any help, please contact us on +44 07500 945175 from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. Or email We will need to know any changes to your details before we send your order or it may be delayed.


Due to the delicate nature of all my art pieces I don’t offer a delivery service, collection only. Unless specified in the product terms.

Head Office Address

101 Tankerville Dr, 

T: +44 07500 945175

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