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I’m Nicola Upton, a mosaic artist based in Leigh-on-Sea; I call myself Mrs Mosaic!

I trained in 3D glass design back in the 90’s and I use my knowledge and experience to create work encompassing kiln-fused glass, stained glass, traditional mosaic and mixed media pieces incorporating glass. I love to experiment and play with materials and sometimes like to use ceramics & sea glass found on beach foraging.

I feel blessed to live close to the coast in the little fishing town of Leigh on Sea, Essex.  I work in a snug log cabin studio at the end of my garden, where I also deliver one-off workshops and classes in mosaics and stained glass.

I always have a steady stream of students but can offers flexible times and days to suit those interested in having a taste of these challenging and rewarding art forms. For example, a 2-hour workshop with a few friends to celebrate a special occasion or a course to develop your skill into a long-term hobby.

What I find most satisfying is meeting a complete beginner and taking them on a journey of discovery to find the best way for that person to achieve an original piece of work in mosaics, rather than copying a pattern of what someone else has already created. I often hear people say, “I’m not creative” or “I can’t draw” and delight in proving them wrong.

I love to find out what makes people tick and get them to explore their creativity, leaving with a truly original piece of work which means something to them, and proves that with the right approach we are all creative.

In my studio

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