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Mrs mosaic introduces a new species of bird, the ‘budgiatiel’…half budgie part co

So I’ve been working on this one since October, playing around with a blush pink, changing the direction of the lay and directions of the feathers….leaving it week, coming back and feeling it wasn’t laying right.

I moved onto other projects, like my swan heads, a pelican, duck heads…and now, mid December, as the pandemic hits new highs in the south east, I’ve started tidying the studio from all the frantic few weeks that Early December has brought. I swept all the little pieces off and applied the background, sometimes when a design is stuck, this unlocks it for me, and it certainly did this time. I realised I’d over complicated things and a solid block of white was needed for the lower part of his body…then the grey detail just flowed….

Introducing ‘Fabian’ the budgiatiel..ta’da!

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