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Just puffin along

Puffin! I first started this piece in mid December, and it was originally inspired from the ‘waste’ surplus from another puffin piece…I thought the way the light blue and white swirly glass flowed across the his neck was just beautiful! The inky background set it of well…and then I stopped. I couldn’t quite see how I could approach his beak and eye detail so it has sat on my table for nearly 3 months. Then my friend Rosemary spotted it amongst another post and was asking about him (she loves puffins) and it gave me the inspiration to finish him. This is one of the first pieces that I’ve explored raised layers, I’m taking this idea forward into a new cactus piece…but I’ve run out of glass! Doh! So a few more weeks before I can show you that one.

Puffin front and side profile

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