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HO! HO! HO! Mosaics all the Way!

Mrs Mosaics Festive Newsletter November 22

Christmas Bumper

Hello, it’s been a while since my last newsletter- I’m always finding other things to do, and then forget to update my subscribers about what I’m up to. Prepare to be all caught up!

All’s Fayre

For me the Christmas season starts early with craft fayres in November. My first one was at Leigh Community Centre on 5th November where I got some festive vibes going on my stall (see above) before firework night had started!

It was a lovely beginning to the season and thank you everyone who has come along so far, your support means a lot to me and it is always nice to see what else is going on with all of us local makers.

The season isn’t over yet: this weekend I will be at The Fisherman’s Chapel in Leigh on Saturday the 26th then Metal‘s Winter Fayre Chalkwell Hall on Sunday the 28th (see my events list below for details) please pop in and say hello, if you are passing either of these.

Flying home for Christmas

At the Leigh Fair, I also saw my popular Kingfisher mosaic fly off to a new home for Winter. – quite literally as the lady was moving in a few weeks and thought he’d be the perfect start to her new home.

This was my third large Kingfisher mosaic, and I have a strange pull to always make things in threes. I am not yet decided on whether I shall make anymore and will ponder this in the new year, whilst considering materials. Even if I do make another, those familiar with my work will know that the pieces are never identical. I always ensure a uniqueness to each one whether through the choice and layout of materials or down to more subtle details such as the direction of beak or the fall of the eye.

The Old Bank Studios

It was an absolute honour to be invited by Bev & Nigel Caleno to deliver a festive-themed mosaic workshop at their highly reputed and charming ‘Old Bank Studios’ in Harwich, on Sunday 20th November. I was delighted to teach the course, which I called ‘Mrs Mosaic’s Mini Makes’ within the ample interior of this beautiful former bank nestled among the faded charm of Harwich with all its maritime heritage.

Now I realise there should never be favourites so I’m not going to say that outright, but I’m including an image of each design using the project that particularly jumped out.

Becky gave her robin some funky pink ‘feathers’ and has added starry twinkle to the toes.

Clare’s bauble has a style that is very contemporary and, rather than completely symmetrical she’s really co-ordinated the shapes with great effect to achieve balance.

Sue pushed the boundaries, quite literally, by deliberately allowing her tesserae to protrude beyond the base, creating a spiky comb or crest over the head of her bird.

After a spectacular working lunch (my brie & cranberry toasted panini was amazing and I thought I’d try one of the potato chips….whoosh the lot was gone in a flash), the afternoon flew by in a flurry of activity. Some of the students decided that rather than rush their final piece, the star that they would take it home to complete, in their Mrs Mosaic travel box below.

It was such a lovely day! I hope Bev & Nigel will have me back for more workshops as the students & I had such a great time. And I am looking forward to seeing photos of the students’ final grouted pieces.

We raised £247 for Macmillan- thank you!!!!

There was a splendid turn out on 1st October for my Macmillan Coffee Morning. Lots of fun was had with mosaic and craft activities, cakes galore, lovely handmade crafts too. Raffle tickets went a storm and it was hilarious at the end of the day when we went round the room pulling tickets and allocating prizes with one person ending up with 3 different wins. Thank you everyone who came -or didn’t come and still donated. I got a sign to publicise the final total award through the post which I will be putting on the studio wall.

Mosaic Star workshops in January

I can’t quite believe I’m talking about January when it’s not even December but with only a few workshops left in December and people already feeling completely overwhelmed with Xmas activities I’ve had quite a lot of requests for dates in the New Year, to beat the January blues.

The great thing about the mosaic stars is that although they are sparkly and work well at Xmas they are also great decorations at any time of year both indoors or outdoors and in the garden. Where would you put yours? Lounge mantlepiece? Bedroom, over a mirror? Next to your decking for Spring? They work everywhere. See dates for the workshops below:

Bird & star kits in a box for £15

This is my latest idea: providing boxed kits containing all you (or a friend) need to create a mosaic at home. I was asked to prepare some spare kits for my Old Bank Studios Workshop and so I’ve a small number of bird kits made up already. Each kit contains the base shape, individually selected tiles, glue, grout, a glove, full instructions etc.There’s no cutting involved (unless you already have double-wheeled cutters and want to use them)

There will be some kits available on my stalls this weekend at the Fishermens Chapel and then Metal’s Chalkwell Hall on Sunday. I’m going to mark them as suitable from aged 12 with supervision to be on the safe side. I’ll be putting together a few new star kits over the next week too.

As you can see things at Mrs Mosaic are busy, busy as usual and that’s before we start picking up my son, Stanley from University at the beginning of December. We also have a visit ‘up north’ to the Lancashire arm of the Upton clan, to celebrate a 50th between Xmas and New Year…”twixmas” I think they call it now! I hope you have some nice times planned?

I’ll be back with my next newsletter in the New Year. I have lots of exciting things on the horizon for 2023 which I’ll tell you more about then.

Until then, sending you love and wishing you a happy, peaceful and relaxing Christmas

That’s all folks! See you soon & thank you for reading



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