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Christmas 2021 Star Workshops

Roadrunner joins the collection

Roadrunner mosaic

Following on from the background style with my kingfishers, I wanted to explore the effect further, and this roadrunner has been developing for a period of months, initially my designs were to have a creamy, desert type feel and essence to it. However, after a few cuts of the glass, it just wasn’t feeling right, so I experimented with mirror and felt straight away that this was how the roadrunner would be most effective, like he travelling at such a great speed that he’s fracturing the light. I then decided that this could be further enhanced with an ombre effect to the grouting so around the outside with the darkest charcoal grout then lightening to grey in towards the middle bullseye-ing outwards, this is quite delicate and barely discernible in the photo above. check out my instagram feed for a video of it to get a better idea.

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