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last week of school holidays


this week has been manically frantic squeezing as much fun into the last week of holidays, returning from camping on Monday for a quick dip in the sea at Chalkwell.

tuesday to ikea….surprisingly fun for the kids…and I had the children’s “vegi” meatballs… Kids adult meals!?!

wednesday , London to see Les Misrables…totally amazing..(sheltering from the rain to eat our packed lunch in the British museum) .and to finish brick lane for a Bangladeshi curry. Plenty of inspiring photos on phone.

today a family activity day at hadleigh country park, I hit the yellow circle at archery on my second go…well chuffed…not boasting or anything, with a small kayak on the lake that I hope to do some open water swimming in before it closes for Autumn.

looking forward to next week, with the kids back at school, I’m going to get back to making some mosaics in the studio…as a warm up I’ve got these meerkats that I’m going to upcycle for a bit of fun…this will warm me up for my next project…a mask wind catcher style sculpture to suspend in the garden.

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